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I am a Diner

If you have reached this page the chances are that you and the restaurant you have dined in have helped change people’s lives.

By funding the planting of GiftTrees you are doing something incredible for people and planet.

Not only will your tree counterbalance the carbon footprint of your meal but it will provide empowerment and opportunity for some of the developing world’s poorest communities and ultimately, help bring an end to poverty.

By dining at Carbon Friendly Dining Certified restaurants, you help to provide:

  • Food to those who are starving
  • Education to those that would otherwise go without
  • Income to those that are poor
  • Shelter to those that need it most
  • Fodder for animals which are a main source of livelihood in the developing world

Please drop us a tweet @co2friendlydining #CarbonFriendlyDining

Mr Satinder Bindra, whilst Director of Communications for United Nations Environment described the dining initiative as ‘an outstanding initiative which successfully merges the luxury of eating out with the joy of knowing we are simultaneously giving something back to nourish our planet.’

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You have counterbalanced the carbon footprint of over
4,500,000 meals

A Selection of Certified Carbon Friendly Dining Restaurants

By dining at our restaurants you help to provide: