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CFD Credits often means your EPOS becomes FREE!

Do good, grow your brand and get rewards with the sustainable credits programme

Involve your restaurant in something bigger

  • Earn credits to save money on Lightspeed products and add-ons
  • Demonstrate your restaurant's social responsiblity to your customers
  • Empower diners to counterbalance the environmental impact of their meals

"Becoming Carbon Friendly Dining Certified adds huge value not just for the customers but for the business, and it boosts morale for the staff as well. Overall it’s something that benefits absolutely everybody."

Rahul Sharma

Director, The Regency Club

Small contribution,
big impact

It all starts with a small, optional contribution added to diners' bills. From there, the benefits reach further than you might think. Here's who benefits, and how:


Demonstrate social responsibility at zero cost to your restaurant. For every £1.23/ €1.45 contributed by diners, a GiftTree is planted in your the developing world. For every five or six (UK/EU) trees planted, you get one credit to spend on Lightspeed tools that benefit your business.


Your diners are willing to spend more if it means contributing to causes they believe in. Retain eco-conscious customers by instilling a sense of empowerment each time they eat with you.


Each £1.23/ €1.45 guarantees the planting of a tree in a forest garden in Tanzania. Fruits produced by the trees provide food for the farmers' families and the surplus generates a sustainable income.


Trees capture CO2 and return it to the soil—reversing the effects of global warming and protecting our environment. The nutrients trees bring to the soil support more diverse food crops, contributing to food security. Healthy soil absorbs more water, protecting land from floods and drought.

How can I spend my sustainable credits?

The credits you earn go towards freebies and discounts on Lightspeed products

Annual Plan

Upgrade your Lightspeed subscription free of charge


Drive repeat business and build long-term relationships with your customers online and in store


Connect your ePOS to your restaurant accounting software

Additional Devices

add another iPad ePOS so staff can serve more guests quicker

Additional Licenses

Grow to new location with additional Lightspeed lincenses

GiftTrees planted by Lightspeed customers

More Info

Sustainable Credits is a simple scheme to do good, retain eco-conscious diners, and get rewarded while doing so.

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