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Carbon Friendly Dining in Partnership with Lightspeed

You qualify!


Your renewal is due at a cost of £/€/ and you qualify to have your Lightspeed license fee waived by becoming Carbon Friendly Dining Certified.

You will need to plant 0 trees.

Why become Carbon Friendly Dining Certified?

  • Free Lightspeed software*
  • Positive diner experience
  • Free Digital Marketing Package
  • Social media posts promoting your restaurant
  • High-quality promotional videos
  • Award nominations
  • Certification is free!

What is Carbon Friendly Dining?

Your diners are bombarded with news stories about the environment and like you and your staff, they want to do their bit to help.

Carbon Friendly Dining, the award-winning, United Nations Environment backed restaurant initiative counterbalances your negative environmental impact, in a way that doesn’t cost you a penny. Being a partner also tells your staff and diners that your restaurant shares their social and environmental values.

Each bill presented at a Carbon Friendly Dining Certified restaurant plants a single fruit tree in the developing world, which both mitigates your restaurant’s Carbon Footprint whilst providing income, education and food to some of the planets poorest communities.

This is achieved with the simple act of including an optional donation (€0.99/£0.99) on each bill.

Digital Marketing Package

Marketing must drive results which connect brands through unique consumer insight & expertise across all digital channels, which is why from the moment you become Carbon Friendly Dining Certified we will start delivering engaging content on your behalf.


The first video we produce will be welcoming you to the Carbon Friendly Dining movement
The second video will be filmed at your restaurant – See example
Then as you achieve milestones we will continue providing further video content

Social Media

We help our partner restaurants to harness the power of social media by posting to our environmentally savvy community and sharing your story on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we will raise awareness of your restaurant brand – to diners that have already told us they love Carbon Friendly Dining Restaurants.

Why we do what we do?

Diners walk out of a Carbon Friendly Dining Certified restaurant with a beaming smile on their faces, knowing that they are having a positive effect upon communities in the developing world, all by planting a life-changing fruit tree.

Each tree planted provides:

A sustainable future
Fruit which can be eaten and surplus sold, providing a local economy
Children with an education
Fodder, meaning farmers can feed their animals
Communities with education on the best way to use their land

, you qualify for FREE lightspeed software!

Click the button below to get your fees waived.