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Restaurant Tips for PR and Marketing

A Free Restaurant PR and Marketing Solution 

Carbon Friendly Dining gives your restaurant a differentiator that leaves diners with a positive lasting impression at zero cost to your business.

Improve Restaurant PR and marketing and increase Restaurant Sales fast by being part of the United Nations Environment back dining initiative.

Carbon Friendly Dining is the free restaurant PR and marketing solution which comes at zero-cost to your business.

Meet your Diner’s Needs

Modern diners whilst dining out on experience are acutely aware of the impact dining out has on the environment.

Carbon Friendly Dining is about sustainability and by meeting your diner’s needs word of mouth alone will give great Restaurant PR and marketing.

Join The United Nations Environment backed Carbon Friendly Dining initiative and you can differentiate your restaurant whilst offsetting the Carbon Footprint and Food Waste of the meals you serve.

Satinder Bindra, whilst Director of Communications at the United Nations Environment Program said of the restaurant initiative:

“It’s an outstanding initiative which successfully merges the joy of eating out with the joy of knowing we are simultaneously giving something back to nourish our planet.”

Let us market your restaurant for FREE:

Free Restaurant PR Solution

By planting a single fruit tree in the developing world with each bill presented, Carbon Friendly Dining will: 

  • Offset the CO2 of each meal 
  • Offset the food waste of each meal 
  • Provide a great story and great restaurant PR 
  • Meet the demands of the ‘Modern Diner’ 
  • Amplify the positive dining experience 
  • Help end the reliance on aid for developing world communities 
  • Reverse deforestation and desertification 
  • Give the diner a take-home memory they won’t forget 

Marco Pierre White, one of the first Carbon Friendly Dining partners whilst at his Nottingham restaurant said of the dining initiative: 

‘When you make a plate of food, it is gone in fifteen minutes. When you plant a tree, it is there for a lifetime.”

If you want to make a difference and amplify your positive diner experience, we will help you to offset your restaurant’s Carbon Footprint, free for one month. Simply fill out the form and we will be in touch.