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Be proud of the trees you’ve helped to plant

Let your customers see how many trees you have helped to plant in the developing world by adding your tree counter to your website! Simply click the "Copy URL Logo" button below and embed it onto your website.

Customers will be able to see that not only are you a great restaurant with outstanding food, but you are also running your restaurant with sustainability in mind.

*For your tree counter to update when new numbers are planted, your tree counter must be embedded via its URL and not pasted as static image. If you are having trouble or you are unsure, speak to your web developer.

Choose a counter that will fit your websites theme.

Need an API link?

Just another way for your customers to know that your restaurant is changing the world!

Social Media

Help us get your social media popping

Social media is the best way to reach out to your customers, and we can help to tell them how awesome your Carbon Friendly Dining Certified Restaurant is!

Input the full URLs for your Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest pages below, and let us know your restaurant’s Instagram and Twitter usernames too!